Jump start your development

The scope of KISSCMS is to jump start web development by providing a clean and extensible framework, with a selection of popular features active out of the box.

MVC architecture

Following current best practices, a simplified Model-View-Controller structure is responsible for the organization of the website operations. In addition, the complete separation of logic-data-design is enforced, by having separate folders for the app, the databases and the layout assets.

More reading on the architecture here: https://github.com/makesites/kisscms/wiki/Architecture

Wiki-style page creation

With a minimal administration area, new pages can be created simply by navigating to the desired address. Similar are the actions for editing and deleting pages, without ever leaving the website layout.

Zero Setup

The main distribution only needs to be extracted, with the web root pointing to the "html/" folder and it will work with no further installation. Every additional plugin is automatically active, simply with the existence of its files in the plugins folder.

The databases are by default SQLite files that can be moved around and backed up at will. If not present the databases are recreated automatically.

All this makes KISSCMS very portable, possible to operate from anywhere with only PHP5 as its main dependency.

Search Engine friendly URLs

Because the generation of the URLs is manual, the concept of an SE-friendly website becomes a personal matter. KISSCMS gives the flexibility to meet a variety of SEO criteria as the URLs are also infused with a breadcrumb behavior, so all paths that lead up to a page are automatically categories of that page. This helps for a more fluid navigation from a user perspective.

Automatic Generators

There's a big list of things a web developer needs to keep in mind when creating a website that are not directly related with the creative process or the custom programming. For example, sitemaps, humans.txt, favicon, crossdomain.xml, all need to be considered and included in the final distribution.

KISSCMS tries to keep track of all those resources and provide them automatically to the developer while keeping a clean development environment, without cluttering the website root.

And More...

Of course KISSCMS can be extended by installing plugins or creating your own extensions.